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Test your systems

Hire a professional to test your security systems. Donít let a hacker be the first to break through. Run tests on your system after you upgrade software or implement new technologies. This is especially important if you employees using their own devices on your system.

Check apps

If your business has a mobile app for your customers, work with the app developer on security protocols. This is especially important if the app is used for financial transactions.

Eliminate third-party risk

Work with vendors who take cybersecurity as seriously as you do. If youíre spending time and money to protect your business and your customers, donít expose yourself to a vendor who does not.

Create a response plan

Even if you follow all the appropriate steps to protect your business and your customers, things sometimes can still go wrong. Create a thorough response plan to manage any scenario. Whether a physical piece of hardware is lost, a server goes down, or passwords are changed, be prepared. Regularly review your plan and hold drills to ensure your plan is effective; and so your team knows what to do. Taking action to protect your business from cyber criminals is more important than ever. It should be part of your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly business review. As more business operations go digital, Counting House Associates is here to work with you to make that safe and secure transition. Contact us for a free consultation.

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