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Itís nearly impossible to help a business grow without considering the tax implications of business decisions. Trying to understand tax code, ensure the proper quarterly tax payments and meet the demands of ever-changing payroll requirements can leave you wondering why you opened a small business in the first place. Counting House is a year-round full-service tax office providing comprehensive tax planning and preparation of your small business and personal tax returns. Having an advocate that can not only prepare your taxes but explain the complicated tax codes and plan for future changes can help guide your business. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), we can provide guidance on all forms of taxation and are certified by the U.S. Treasury to represent you before the IRS should any explanation be necessary.

Tax Laws Are Constantly Changing

As a partner in your business financial success, we help you to plan for tax liabilities as well as opportunities. We want to help you keep more of your hard earned dollars. Through careful tax planning we can help you Keep more of your profits Understand your tax liabilities and financial plan for future payments Make better decisions about capital purchases, real estate and financing Maintain solid record keeping for a smoother tax preparation

What To Expect With Counting House Associates

Open Communication We talk with you regularly throughout the year, and not just at tax time, to review your tax situation and make adjustments that will positively impact your taxes. From health care spending to retirement savings and planning for business growth, well talk about the ongoing changes in your business and help you make the best possible decisions. Upfront Fees Our tax planning services are discussed upfront so there will be no surprises once the documents are completed. Counting House tax planning and preparation is included in our annual fee. It helps us to become more familiar with your business and gives us insight into ways to reduce your overall tax burden. Professional Processing Taxes can be submitted to the IRS in several ways. We prefer to submit all tax documentation via electronic e-filing. It helps to streamline the filing time and its also paperless so less impact on our earth! The IRS provides quick proof of receipt, online tracking of your return and with direct deposit, a refund usually within 8-15 business days. If you may owe taxes, online payment options and EFT are also available. If you need to make financial arrangements to pay your taxes in installments, we can help you establish a payment plan that will work with your budget and timeline. Again, these payments can be made via EFT for timely transactions that can be traced electronically.

Ready To Talk With A Tax Expert?

Give us a call at (603) 766-1099 for a free initial consultation to learn how we can simplify your small business tax filings and keep your business on the right track.


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Our Philosophy

We encourage small businesses to have a firm understanding of their company's accounting practices. By providing our clients with the tools and resources needed to run profitable and successful businesses, we help to create a strong and vibrant community. And that helps us all.

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