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As your business grows we are here to help.

We work exclusively with small business client and their owners.

We provide a suite of back-office services that include:

Book Keeping & Acounting
Management Consulting
Tax Planning & Tax Preparation
Year-Round Advice
Full Service Payroll processing
IT Services
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Your small Business is a Big Deal to us

We strive to be the first and logical choice for small business professional accounting services in the Greater Accra Region.

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Our Services

We Offer The Best Quality Consulting Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting
Management Consulting
Tax Planning and Tax Preparation
Full Service Payroll processing

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+012 345 6789

Save 30% On Your First Consulting Services

Our team will help identify the best course of action for your small business to get it moving on the right path.

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Why Choose Us

We are different than your traditional CPA firm. We work exclusively with small business clients and their owners. We provide a suite of back-office services that include Bookkeeping & Accounting, Management Consulting, Year-Round Advice, Full Service Payroll processing, Tax Planning and Tax Preparation. A "One-Stop-Shop" if you will.

Our mission is to help our clients on their path to success. We don’t define success but simply help them achieve their goals. In doing so, we make a difference in our client’s lives.

CHC Vision

We strive to be the first and most logical choice for small business professional accounting services in the Greater Seacoast region.

Social Values

Our community participation includes: Cross Roads House, New Generations, United Way of The Greater Seacoast, NH Special Olympics, the Music Hall in Portsmouth, SCORE, Seacoast Repertory Theater, Hero Pups, Project Pawsitive Foundation, and Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue (we’re a dog-friendly company). Owner, Van Ballantyne is involved with several non-profit boards and committees.

Our Values

Counting House places the highest value and esteem in its employees who work hand in hand with its clients to build the strongest, most efficient and profitable small businesses on the seacoast. We believe in a learning organization, we place a high emphasis on technology improvements, investing back in the company and the community. We provide employees growth opportunities and a voice in the operation. We celebrate everyday accomplishments. We are a family-oriented business, as are many of our clients.

As an active community and corporate citizen, Counting House stands side by side with local non-profit organizations, helping individuals and families to achieve greater heights through sharing our talents, financial support and time.

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